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EpiGate Software releases MARVL
Microsoft Access Remote Version Loader


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Auto backup and install new versions of your applications.

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 Epigate Software, LLC BBB Business Review

March 2016

Access Developer Solutions releases 'CodeTrax Version 2'. Read more....


July 2015

EpiGate Software releases MARVL Version 2. Microsoft Access Remote Version Loader. Read more....

----------------------------------------------------------  Epigate Software, LLC BBB Customer Review

April 2011

Access Developer Solutions releases 'CodeTrax' a Code Library', complete with over 600 scripts/modules for VB, C#, VBA, Crystal Reports, etc. Read more....


September 2010

EpiGate Software releases MARVL. Microsoft Access Remote Version Loader. Update your applications over the internet or from a local server. Read more....


March 2010

EpiGate Software announces the release of DB-2-App 2.1, with Advanced User Permissions.
Choose who can access what in your application. Prevent unauthorized personnel from opening forms, reports....


March 2009

EpiGate Software announces the release of EpiSafe. Data security for database fields.
Secure fields from unauthorized viewing. Comply with security and privacy measures for your business (confidentiality, HIPAA).


August 2008

EpiGate Software announces DB-2-App 2.0 for MS Access. User and object logging was added to DB-2-App, allowing users to track when and who logged in and opened a form or report.access


December 2006

EpiGate Software announces DB-2-App 1.0 for MS Access. DB-2-App allows users to import their own forms and reports into a robust secure application. DB-2-App provides a springboard for users to develop their own applications. Read more...


April 2004

EpiGate Software releases Ambutrax, a Records Management System for Emergency Medical Services and Fire Agencies.


January 2004

EpiGate Software creates a seperate department to process the many requests for MS Access development.


August 2003

EpiGate Software receives numerous requests for Microsoft Access applications and add-in solutions.


August 2002

EpiGate Software announces the release of Query Builder 2.1. Allow your users to build a query with up to 12 parameters, sort by multiple fields and export to another format (excel, text, etc) without giving your users full access to the actual data tables.


August 2000

EpiGate Software creates add-in modules






Welcome to Access Developer Solutions

Access Developer Solutions creates add-in modules and extensions for Microsoft Access.

Easy enough for the novice user, powerful enough for the most seasoned Microsoft Access developer.

Simply import a module into your MS Access database and take your application to the next level.


System Requirements Microsoft Access 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, or 2010 (32-bit)

Custom Solutions

Need a custom designed application? Access Developer Solutions also designs and builds custom software solutions. Read more.....


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MS Access Add-In Modules

Categorize your code into type, such as Visual Basic, Crystal Reports, C#. Quickly find what you need with active search, enter key word to filter the list of available code. Add your own code, copy / paste free code found on the internet and keep different versions utilized in different versions of you applications. CodeTrax contains over 600 scripts of code, including operability with other office products such as word, excel and outlook. Mail merge with MS Word, send emails automatically without the pesky warning by MS Outlook, export data into an excel spreadsheet with included formatting, plus hundreds of other useful scripts.

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A must have for any Access application developer. Alert your users when an update is available with MARVL. Microsoft Access Remote Version Loader. MARVL is not an external add-on, but rather an add-in to your own application. Simply import 1 form, 1 module and 1 table into your own Access application.

Each time your application opens, it checks the internet, or a local server, for a new version and will display "Update Available, click here to download". Simply click and download the new version. Works with MS Access version 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007 and 2010.

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Provide demo versions of your applications. Select the amount of time your application will function, 30 day, 90 day, there is no limit. Once expired the the user is informed that the subscription has expired and needs to be renewed.

*Setting the computers clock back will not overide the security. Simply import the required components into your application. Read More....

User Permissions with Db-2-App

Provide users with access as read only, add new records only or delete for each data form. Individual reports can be restricted to run only by the personnel approved to run it. Simply import the required components into your database. Add a new user and set permissions for each component in your application. Read More....

Object Tracking with Db-2-App

Track each time a form or report is opened, or even attempted to be opened. Time, computer name and user name is also captured. Assure accountability for your customers management. Simply import the required components into your database. Read More....

Help System with Db-2-App

Create your own custom Help System for your application. Assign hot keys, tags for any object. Edit your help system as your application changes and grows. Read More....

Transaction Log with Db-2-App

Track changes made by users in an access form. Log old value, new value, time, computer name and user who made the changes. Admin portion of transaction log allows the administrator to select which forms to track. Also works in subforms. Simply import the required components into your database. Read More....

And Much More......






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